About the TARDIS light

The TARDIS (as talked about here) has a light on the top, that blinks.

Pointed out by the maker that it resembles the YouTube - Apple laptop 'sleeping' light

Apple timing:
0:01 - 1:00 -- off
1:01 - 1:15 -- ramp (exponent) up to full brightness
1:16 - 1:45 -- 100% brightness
1:46 - 2:00 -- ramp (exponent) down to off

But in the shape of a ship lamp

Idea is as a low hanging necklace that seems to be made out of both metal and glass.

Useful resources:
TARDIS Builders > Props: Reference > TARDIS Reference > BBC Design Plans
Re: Reference Pictures: The Barry Newbery TARDIS (Original) (1976)

Materials thoughts:

Design thoughts:

Base Layer: Wedgewood (3.17mm)
Lighted Layer: Ice Blue (6.35mm)
Lighted Layer encloses (with the exception of the battery area) a 1.5" x 1.0" circuit board

Lighted Layer cover of same material (3.17mm)
Applique Layer: 0.5mm

In total, it ends up being about a half inch thick (13.19mm = 0.52")

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Corset being made by MayFaire Moon
Design downloaded from free website templates.