Me in the nearly complete TARDIS Corset

Hugh Casey TARDIS Album

See the original sketches

See the detais of attempt one and two of the Police Box Panels

Photos of the corset in progress

Corset Original Plotting

The corset will be a five-lace style MayFaire Moon corset.
Pictured, three-lace
AmazonV in MayFaire Moon sample corset AmazonV in MayFaire Moon sample corset

The exterior color will be bright blue panels, to match the TARDIS, with black and silver lacing.
TARDIS exterior

The interior color will be golden brown with brown hexagons stamped in rows vertically, like the control room
TARDIS interior console room

Under the corset I will have a black star-filled skirt, and a pair of red chucks as my shoes.

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Corset being made by MayFaire Moon

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